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The following articles are all about the History of different topics. These articles range from the history of sports including baseball, basketball, football, golf and soccer to the history of hobbies such as computers, video games, Nascar and guitars. Most people take the phone for granted but with these articles, you can find out how the telephone and cell phones were invented. Is Pizza one of your favorite foods? Did you know that American troops from World War II helped make pizza as popular as it is today? Here’s a list of the articles available:

History of Basketball – Learn how basketball began.

History of the Internet – A brief history of how the Internet started.

History of Computers – A history of computers and how they have evolved over the years.

History of Soccer – Find out how soccer began and became the world’s most popular sport.

History of Photography – A brief history of photography.

History of Chocolate – Everyone loves chocolate and now you can learn the history.

History of Football – Learn how football evolved from other games.

History of Valentines Day – The history of how Valentine’s Day began.

History of Baseball – It is considered the all-American game, but how did it become that way?

History of the Telephone – Learn how Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone.

History of Cell Phones – You can’t live without them, now learn the history of cell phones.

History of Nursing – A brief history of the profession of nursing.

History of Cars – Learn how cars were invented.

History of Video Games – The history of video games over the past forty years.

History of Music – The history of music and its different eras.

History of Television – How television was invented by Philo T. Farnsworth.

History of Nascar – Learn how Nascar became one of the biggest spectator sports ever.

History of the Guitar – See how the guitar has evolved over the years.

History of Money – A history of how US money started.

History of Pizza – See how this yummy dish became an American favorite.

History of Golf – Learn more about golf – how it may even date back to the Roman Empire!

History of Flight – A brief history of how man finally learned to fly like the birds.

History of Electricity – Read about the fascinating history of electricity.

History of Medicine – Learn about medicine from Hippocrates to modern day.

History of the Electric Guitar – Find out more about the instrument that Jimi Hendrix fell in love with.

History of the Camera – See how camera history evolve over the years.

History of Fashion – Fashion is always changing, but you can see what was popular years ago.

History of Cosmetology – Learn more about the history of makeup, hair and skin care.

History of Coffee – Many people can’t do without it – learn more about the history of coffee.

History of Film – From the silents to today’s blockbusters, film is a great part of our history.

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